Business to Business Telemarketing, Lead Generation and Internal Sales Process Consultancy with Alexander Simpkin

What Alexander Simpkin can do for Your Business

Alex Simpkin engages with senior directors of the larger Business to Business organisations in order to hold concise, intelligent, strategic conversations around appropriate and well targeted client propositions.

With Alex's twenty five years history in business to business (btob) telemarketing and lead generation, his more recent clients have benefited from his long list of connections, especially in IT, through the UK Times Top 500. Alex also regularly calls high profile companies in both Northern Europe, Italy and the US East Coast. From all these geographical regions, clients have consistently attended qualified and relevant meetings.

As a CMO or a Marketing Leader, you may be drowning in data and what you really want is a measurable result. This is your way forward - by sending your sales force to warm prospects, who, in turn, are expecting a potentially exciting liaison.

This is not a call centre environment. It is a specialist and high level Business to Business lead generation service for clients that have a relevant proposition to convey to a senior audience.

And if you need your internal sales process sharpened up through an in house marketing, sales and general performance opening procedures review, Alex also has a good track record in this highly skilled area.

A long standing member of industry trade bodies, Alex has judged UK Business to Business Telemarketing Awards for the DMA.



B2B Telemarketing | Sales Lead Generation - Business to Business appointments, Market Information & B2B Appointment Making Methodology

Internal Sales Process and Telemarketing Consultancy - The honing and re-alignment of the internal sales process

Telemarketing & Telesales Training - For internal and field sales, marketing personnel and operational executives

Direct Marketing Strategy Consultancy - Direct Mail, Internet, DRTV, Radio, Off the Page, Telemarketing and Database Capture



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"I have found Alex Simpkin able to deliver the most accurate and successful sales lead generation summaries that I have ever received from a contracted telemarketing company."
Mr Nick Lowe | Senior Vice President Europe | UK Check Point Inc

"Time after time, Alex has succeeded in talking to board level contacts on my behalf. His contribution has added significantly to the development of the recruitment businesses I have managed. I have always valued his advice and depended on his integrity."
Mr Geoffrey Salmon | Business Development Director | Hamilton Parker Int

"His knowledge as to whether and/or how to use the telephone as a tactical tool in a strategic direct marketing campaign is unsurpassed, except perhaps by his own ability to talk commercial sense at senior board level."
Mr Chris Woodhams | Managing Director | The Direct Marketing Business

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