Case Studies & Testimonials

Telemarketing | Lead Generation Work

This major consultancy company is an IT and business process organisation with operating offices in Europe, the US and the Far East. It has 600 of the world’s top 1000 companies as clients through three separate business divisions, namely Outsourcing, Management Consultancy and Academic Strategic Research programmes.

Task A:

To get management consultants in front of both group and divisional board level strategists to negotiate £1million – £20million contracts.

Task B:

To get senior IT consultants in front of CIO’s to negotiate £30k contracts for IT research programmes geared towards innovation and best practice.

The company bases its strategy on the streamlined alignment of business and IT practice and is therefore in a good position to help its clients take full advantage of emerging technologies as well as many other areas of organisational process where business and IT functions combine to enhance company versatility, turnover and profit.

Telephone calls are still made by Alexander Simpkin through the UK, Europe and the US, to set up qualified meetings on specific issues.

An initial database of 200 prospects is maintained through a calling pattern of four days per month. Through consistent contact it is possible to set up meetings when both prospect and client agendas’ coincide. Meetings are sensibly qualified and so work hard. Consultants can then do what they do best; that is work on billable strategy rather than having to prospect.

Between 40 and 50% of all annual new business has been won each year for seven years through meetings made by using Alexander Simpkin as a telemarketing opener.

“Whenever I need to be put in front of both corporate and divisional board directors of world class companies to discuss MIT and Harvard based strategy, planning, agility and performance issues, I call on Alex Simpkin, whose services we have used for the past 15 years.
His intellectual acumen combined with his senior, professional and courteous telephone manner has often been commented on as outstanding by the people I visit. His research is both skilled and accurate and the appointments he makes for me are well qualified enough for me to maintain an effective closing ratio.”
Mr Richard Davies | Global Managing Director | CSC Research & Advisory Services

Telemarketing | Outbound Set Up

This major publishing company had a business to trade telephone sales team operating from expensive central London square footage.

The board suspected they were underperforming and contacted Alexander Simpkin having heard what he had done for a major competitor.

A report was commissioned from Alexander and its major conclusions accepted. The current team was to be disbanded and another set up in close proximity to the company’s inhouse customer service and distribution centre in Scotland.

Working closely with the board at all stages of the planning process, the recommendations contained in the report were implemented by Alexander Simpkin, who recruited the new telemarketing team members, organised the set up of the new environment, inducted and trained the team members and maintained a watching brief for the first year.

By the third year, telesales turnover represented 3% of UK turnover. This was a six fold increase on the money being made from the original London office with staff numbers being increased by only one person and with overheads down by 25%.

This strategy also had a major influence on the field sales force, who were now able to focus activity on major business customers and considerably reduce their own operational overheads.

Some years later, Alexander Simpkin has again been involved in the operation’s development strategy and a contact centre is now being set up bringing customer service and telemarketing activity even closer together. Alexander was asked to maintain the consultancy, development and training responsibility for a further year.

“Both as Sales Director at Macmillan and at Harper Collins, I have found Alex Simpkin to be a most professional, very experienced and highly effective telebusiness advisor. This is as true in terms of business planning as well as operational execution”
Mr David North | Sales Director | Harper Collins Publishing

Telemarketing | Lead Generation Work

The client is a search agency specialising in IT, IS & Telecommunications that has been active in the UK and Europe for some 20 years.

The agency’s objective was to become a high quality niche operator and remain as a sector leader whose name most high ranking staff in the field would recognise.

To achieve this objective, the client needed regular peer to peer telemarketing contacts made with Managing, Divisional and IT/IS Directors of the Financial Times top 500 companies.

Alexander Simpkin was chosen as the only person available who had sufficient seniority to open up and maintain negotiations on a regular three day a month schedule.

Together with a quarterly “opt in” newsletter that went out to both prospects and clients alike, telemarketing contact was maintained through a mutually desirable pre determined time frame until the need was seen to match the supply.

Such is the client agency’s current market penetration that they have now made significant inroads into both major global businesses and niche start up operations that require rapid expansion on the back of innovative technological expertise.

The current launch of an international business is a true reflection of the success engendered by a quality operation that believes in the utilisation of senior telemarketing expertise to open doors.

“I was Alex Simpkin’s first client when he launched his business in 1990 and I still use his telebusiness services.
The recruitment business is particularly competitive and it is hard to find direct marketing methods that deliver sufficient impact to open doors. Telemarketing is the one approach that works for us, but it must be pitched at senior decision makers
Time after time, Alex has succeeded in talking to board level contacts on my behalf. His contribution has added significantly to the development of the recruitment businesses I have managed. I have always valued his advice and depended on his integrity.
Fifteen years on and Alex Simpkin is still my first choice as a supplier of business to business telemarketing.”
Mr Geoffrey Salmon | Business Development Director | Hamilton Parker Int

Telemarketing Training | By Audio Conference

The Global Sales Director of an IT consultancy contacted Alexander Simpkin via this very web page. The business owned a sales force that was operating through individual country managers but wanted to establish global synergy as to the overall sales presentation of its service portfolio.

It was also evident that, whilst members of the sales force might be performing well in actual meetings, there was a skills gap when it came to getting the meetings in the first place.

The sales director operated globally from a central control base and was using audio conferences (rather than video since no one knew where they were going to be making the call from at the time of each conference) to consolidate his command.

The countries involved were the UK, the US, Germany, Belgium, Holland, France, Sweden, Norway and Ireland.

Through a series of five tailored telemarketing audio sessions of 30 minutes each, inserted into an hour long, monthly audio meeting, Alexander Simpkin disseminated information on telephone attitude, telephone technique, designing scripts and pitches, dealing with secretaries, handling objections and closing.

Follow up sessions were arranged at a later date so that the training could continue in such a way that it related to actual difficulties in “real time” as well as theory.

“I have used Alex’s consultancy and lead generation services for the past eight years. Not only has his experience provided invaluable direction for individual sales staff but the combination of his hands on lead generation approach and his ability to get hold of vital strategic information on prospect company targets that I have never seen presented as well by any other telemarketing service, has helped the whole organisation, through every sector, to stay profitably focused.”
Mr Greg Jarvis | Managing Director UK | PlanView Inc

Broadband Telemarketing Consultancy | Televisual Innovation

A world leader in the pharmaceutical sector, this client was looking for new ways to penetrate the health market during the early 1990’s.

Selling was fast becoming a lost cause. General Medical Practitioners in the UK were only either seeing salesmen that they had a previous relationship with or were allocating three days a year for dedicated sales appointments, which, if missed, were not rescheduled.

Corporate branding was seen as a way forward and sponsorship as a tactical tool was an obvious medium term solution.

At the same time, Alexander Simpkin had become interested in high bandwidth transmission for home working enhancement and had made contact with a Welsh University that was engaged in distance learning and distance diagnosis experiments with General Medical Practitioners in remote Welsh surgeries. The Welsh at the time had possession of the most advanced and resilient network backbone in the whole of the UK and were looking at various applications that could make sensible use of it.

However, being academics, they were also clearly looking for further sponsorship. The University was applying for Fourth Framework funding from the European Commission and needed a business partner in order to obtain it.

Alexander Simpkin was already in contact with the UK planning Director of this major pharmaceutical client and was being used to present information on the development of business to trade communication channels, through high bandwidth technology and digital/satellite television advances.

It seemed like an obvious partnership of mutual interests and Alexander Simpkin put the two organisations together.

European funding was won, the American research institute belonging to the sponsor became involved and Welsh doctors operating clinics in remote areas of the countryside are now able to have consultants’ expert opinions on ailments highlighted in real time on screen or on X ray in a matter of hours rather than weeks.

“I have spent 20 years working first above the line in profile advertising and then below the line in measurable marketing. I have yet to meet anyone as effective in both integrated planning and telephone business to business lead generation.
His knowledge as to whether and/or how to use the telephone as a tactical tool in a strategic direct marketing campaign is unsurpassed, except perhaps by his own ability to talk commercial sense at senior board level.
I have recommended his services to several client companies, all of whom I know to have benefited financially from his advice and his results.”
Mr Chris Woodhams | Managing Director | The Direct Marketing Business


Some of my clients have stayed with me since I started my telemarketing business. Some have been bought and outgrown my service. Some have changed jobs and brought their new companies back as clients. Within this constant flow, there is usually room for new clients

If you, as a potential client, have a strategic proposition or service that you want brought to the attention of group board members, divisional board members or senior managers of companies with a high profile presence in Global, European or UK markets, then I would be delighted to open some doors for you.

I charge Lead Generation business on an all inclusive daily rate business at a maximum level of six days and a minimum level of three days a month and Sales Process Consultancy by the hour, by the half day or by the day.

Call +44 (0) 1225 85 88 96 for immediate contact

“I have found Alex Simpkin able to deliver the most accurate and successful sales lead generation summaries that I have ever received from a contracted telemarketing company.
First introduced in 1994 whilst at Bay Networks (now Nortel), he has helped me to open direct business relationships with a large number of top level UK companies.
These meetings, continuously generated over the last 18 years, have complimented my sales channel activity for every technology company I have since worked for and have produced a measurable and significant impact on the bottom line.”
Mr Nick Lowe | Senior Vice President Europe | UK Check Point Inc