Some Thoughts on Telemarketing in a Volatile Environment

Well, the economic world has moved on some since my last post earlier this year – or rather it has not, as it’s all come to a shuddering standstill. Three paces forward, four back, five paces forward, four back again: where are we? In truth, nobody has the slightest idea. Doomsters are looking at the US as an empire in ruins and are citing municipal debt as the next fault line; optimists are on an uphill slope trying to talk up their own economies; pragmatists are declaring that Europe appears to be heading for civil war; every western public sector, rather than providing stimulus, appears to be contributing to stagflation; the US federal government, with its electorate split right down the middle, has become fond of the ostrich position, seeming to have no idea how to mend a deeply broken social and financial system; and the same government continues to contribute to the shrinking percentage (now 1% instead of the 20% it was not so long ago) of wealth owners and creators, with the fat cats in Washington recently overtaking Silicon Valley’s San Jose as the richest population per capita. Continue reading “Some Thoughts on Telemarketing in a Volatile Environment”